August 10, 2014

Winter is here

With the fall and winter coming, perhaps your wardrobe needs some updating. Well! It is time to go back to the old fashion when women wore nothing but dresses. According to the fashion forecast for this coming season, dresses have made a very big comeback…

 It is very nice for the dress to make such a huge comeback this year. For the fall and winter the waist line again has returned! Whether it is a curvy dress, a pencil skirt or on a belted swing coat, the emphasis is definitely on the waist.  The fitted dress style provides a truly much needed remedy to all the trapeze shapes of this past summer. Dresses will be sexier and edgier but not skin tight and the comfort ability will remain.

 Hemlines will be up and down depending on the styles, the dress lines will be easy on the figure to enhance the curves. Usually, most dresses are styled to fall just above the knees, which area flattering length on most women, and also a comfortable length for most accessories

 One of the design style dresses that seem to stay around for ever is the shirtdress. It is truly a classic style, it can be worn for fun or for business, very functional and shows off you natural waist. 

 When it comes to dresses, try to make your own statements by accessorize your dress to where you will feel comfortable. The important thing is to show off your feminine looks. One of the best ways to get some ideas on styling is to go window shopping and look at the store window displays. Or even ask a sales rep for some tips. Most of them will be more than happy to help you.