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My name: Guer(da) 
 My granddaughter: Ray(na 

Lordana Designs is a collection of wedding dresses and resort wear , for brides and their bridal party. 

We believe in the uniqueness of the individual; therefore, we strive to give each dress not only the ultimate look, but a great feeling of softness and comfort in the fit. We test and fine-tune each gown and we personally pick imported quality fabrics and each piece of decor to ensure the highest standards.
Our aesthetic designs are known for their elegance, simplicity and the unforgettable fit.
Our goal is to not to steal the limelight of the outer beauty of the bride but more so to enhance and captivate her presence as she strolls down the aisle. Upon wearing our dresses, we hope that every woman will feel the positive energy and divine connection in our dresses where we put our hearts souls and love during the process of designing and handcrafting them, and the confidence and pride will show in her smile.
All of our gowns are created in the atmosphere of beauty and harmony for your special occasion for the unforgettable memory.


Designer bio:
Founder and designer Guerda Pierre loves to infuse her Caribbean roots and culture by continuously updating the brand’s signature aesthetic with inspirational designs, vibrant prints and colors to create modern silhouettes in detailing the unforgettable fit to flaunt the right curves of a woman's body.

She migrated to The United States and resided in Brooklyn, NY at  a younger age.  During her high school years in Brooklyn, she developed a  deeper passion for fashion while helping her sister Michelle with her sewing project, fell in love; and decided to buy her first home sewing machine with her first summer paycheck and the rest is history.
Guerda studied fashion design at Newbury College in Boston, MA, Florida International University in Miami. FL and Academy of art University in San Francisco, California. She also holds 2 degrees in management and Education Technology TESOL from Barry University in Miami, FL.  She has worked in the fashion industry in various positions both in NY and south Florida  where she had gained knowledge skills and  experience that enabled her to venture on her own.

 Guerda also loves to teach  fashion classes,  she spent 12 years of being a  fashion design and merchandising instructor at the The Art  Institute of Fort Lauderdale, FL.  Besides being an entrepreneur, she still  finds time to teach and consult  others who have a passion for fashion.

 Guerda Pierre:  Founder - Designer