Accessorizing your wedding gown


Many times a bride goes shopping  for wedding gowns, there is a slight chance  she  might not find the perfect gown..  In her mind, something is always missing, either the sleeves are too short or too long, the  neckline needs to be lowered, skirt needs to be fuller and  the list goes on.  She could  go from one store to the next spending countless hours to find the" Wow"  gown or something close to it. Don't ever panic if that ever happens to you, just think of some creative ideas while you are trying on these gowns and see how you can  add embellishments to enhance  the look. 

 Like my client  Maritza in this picture who bought this  gorgeous strapless gown and wanted to  add a 1920's inspiration  feel to it.  She went and bought  a couple of yards of feather  fringe and a rhinestone sash  to create the look  she wanted.  At Lordana studio, the process began by using the feathers fringe yardages  cut into two shoulder straps, infused a couple of layers together to give the straps fullness by using snaps to attach them  to the front and back of the gown. The feathers being a whiter shade, actually added a nice contrast to the  off white  gown.  The rhinestone sash belt was sewn  to the  gown  waistline for stability to keep the center piece in place. 

Everything turned out to be beautiful and she looked beautiful in the gown when  she was walking down the aisle. Remember, there is always a solution for everything. You just have to stay calm and let your creativity flow when shopping for your wedding gown.

Guerda Pierre (Lordana)



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