Lordana Fashion Academy

The perfect place for your sewing, design and pattern making classes located in Brooklyn,  NY and upcoming online classes.

At Lordana Fashion Academy,  small classes  and individualized one-on-one instruction from Guerda is a available. Sewing is an acquired skill that requires time and patience in order for your  sewing project to look professionally done and be proud of yourself.

Guerda Pierre is a fashion designer,  instructor/educator, consultant, stylist and costume designer.  Guerda is thrilled to introduce her sewing and design classes to those who have a passion for fashion from ages 8   and over.

She brings to the table her 30 + extensive years of experience working in the fashion industry both in South Florida and New York.   She is former fashion design/merchandise instructor of 12 years at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in Florida who received her fashion design education degree at Newbury College in Boston, MA, fashion  design classes at Florida International University in Tamiami' FL, FIT in New York, NY and received her Masters in fashion design from The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA. Besides having a fashion back grown, Guerda also worked and taught at  North Miami Senior High School in Miami, Fl and Michael Krop High School upon receiving her bachelor degree in Professional Administration Mgmt  and her Masters degree in Technology/ TESOL at Barry University that enabled her to teach  as an adjunct professor at Miami Dade College in the ESOL Dept.

 Guerda`s skills, patience, creativity, craftsmanship  and the love of sharing her knowledge with students really makes her a one of the most influential  person to study under.